That Moment


This idea “That Moment” looks at how in everyday life we have those moments where we slip off into day dreaming and the subconscious side of our brains take over.

The project consists of 2 pieces of work the film “Nothing” and the app “DayDream”


“Nothing” is statement about how easily people daydream, especially in day to day tasks and chores. The film is silent which helps to emphasize how there's nothing there and everything shuts off when we daydream.


"DayDream" is an app which allows the user to share their most recent or a remembered daydream which they have experienced with the app community. Allowing users to like, comment and search for daydreams which they find funny or interesting.

We share photos, videos and messages why dont we share daydreams.

Home page

Here you can view other peoples submitted daydreams, where you can like them and click on them to comment.

Menu page

By pressing the menu button you can see how many daydreams and likes you have achieved and direct your self to other settings.

Add Function

The add button allows you to share your daydreams, add photos and even use hashtags, which can be searched.

Search Function

The Search button allows you to search for daydreams relating to a certain topic using hashtags.


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